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Vijay Raja

Academic Background

Professionally he is qualified as a Chartered Accountant secured Gold medal, Cost Accountant secured 3rd rank All India, Company Secretary securing All India Rank and holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology, Bachelor’s Degree in commerce and Bachelor's Degree in Law having secured 1st Rank for the state.

Recently he also qualified to be Insolvency professional 


Vijay Raja

Vijay Raja or Raja Sir as he is fondly known as, is devoted towards teaching. 

When one asks him, does he visit the temple often?  He says, “Yes, everyday I go to the classroom, which is my temple and teaching my students is my prayer to the Almighty”. 


His passion for teaching gets him going to coach for 12 to 14 hours every single day.  He has been teaching like this for more than 2 decades now.  He is known for his Extra Gyaan – through which he imbibes the teachings of His Spiritual Guru Mahatria Ra`, who is the diviner of the Path infinitheism, to his students.  Besides his profound knowledge in Tax and Law that he imparts to his students, one certainly learns a way of living through his lessons of life. 


Professionally he is a qualified Chartered Accountant who has secured a Gold medal, Cost Accountant with All India 3rd Rank, Company Secretary and holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology along with a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce and Bachelor's Degree in Law with 1st Rank for the state.  He is also Insolvency professional from IBBI.


Raja is an accounting professional from the past 25 years with a specialization in corporate law and taxation.  A Practicing Chartered Accountant as a Partner at Guru and Jana, a 350+ member firm. 


He is a corporate trainer and much sought after for tax and finance.  His notable trainings are in the sectors such as automobile manufacturers, real estate, software, life sciences and the like.

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