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Anybody can quit, only a Real Champion can keep going

A qualified Chartered Accountant by profession, Vijay Raja sir is a Gold Medallist, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce and Law. Resting on laurels is not his way of seeing life as he went on to secure his Master’s Degree in Psychology and an All India Ranking as a Law graduate (LLB).  He is also a qualified Company Secretary and a Cost Accountant. Being a teacher is a privilege in itself but having a good teacher is a blessing, especially when he has abundant talent and abilities. Vijay Raja sir has proved this by scaling up to be a well-known insolvency professional under IBC conducted by IBBI. He has also qualified in the proficiency assessment conducted by the Indian Institute of corporate Affairs as an independent Director

Vijayraja sir
A Mentor and a Role Model – Reasons enough to Choose Vijay Raja sir as your Guide

Passion for teaching and sharing knowledge with young aspirants has been Vijay Raja sir’s forte. According to him, having a burning desire within is the key to motivation and ultimately helps in developing a healthy personality and a positive attitude towards oneself and others.


A Professional of National Repute, Vijay Raja sir has shaped many individual careers through high quality, subject oriented training programs and helped them become confident individuals. In addition to guiding aspiring to be Chartered Accountants, he has also trained many enthusiastic students in the fields of Life Sciences, Automobile Manufacturing, Financial Accounting and Information Technology, to name a few.

As a versatile Accounting Professional with prolific experience in taxation and corporate law, Vijay Raja sir has played a pivotal role in framing practices and procedures in Finance and Corporate Law, for his students and fellow colleagues to follow.


His relentless efforts, as a coach of substantial value, are the reflection of the teachings of his Spiritual Guru Mahatria Ra.

Every Tutor is different because every personality is different

A good teacher can give the definite direction and momentum to the future of students. Many teachers will come and go but only a few possess the power to guide us and mentor us to become a better version of ourselves. Vijay Raja sir is one of those unique personalities who write in black and white, but can add lot of colour to a student’s life.

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