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Vijay raja sir

Developing New Relationships with Humanism

There are many who have led by example by achieving success in their businesses and having a sustained growth. But few have really been able to utilize personal achievements for the benefits of the society in a prolific and productive way. Vijay Raja sir has been one of those who continue to shape many institutions involved in programs towards the general welfare of the society. Sharing is Caring and that’s what he believes will serve as a real identity for an individual.​

He always says, “Learn, Earn and Return”.

Many Corporates and Industrial giants continue to be involved in welfare programs for the society through CSR initiatives. Vijay Raja sir, though a well-known personality in his area of expertise as an excellent tutor and a professional, hasn’t let success take him far away from his prime objective i.e. being of help wherever and however possible to people and society. He continues to lead people centric programs and has made a difference to thousands of lives. 

It’s not all about tasting success alone. It’s also about how best you can make use of your success to make the world a better place. Generations to follow need to understand more about empathy, care, love, communication and social responsibility. Vijay Raja sir can be your able guide there too.

Blood Donation

What better and more precious activity to make a difference in someone’s lives than donating blood when it is really needed! Vijay Raja sir has initiated many blood donation camps and helped in saving lives when critically required.


There is hope of life for someone else in your blood donation.

Blood donation

Environment Protection (Distribution of Plants)

Being an ardent Nature Lover, Vijay Raja sir continues to contribute his bit to preserve and conserve nature. Vijay Raja sir believes that there is no better way to create awareness towards promoting a green environment than gifting a sapling.

He continues to play a pivotal role in campaigning towards maintain a green environment and distributed many plants as a symbol. Planting a tree today can lead to a healthy tomorrow.

Environment Protection

Organ Donation

There’s nothing more precious than being recognised much after you have finished your life and gone. One of the noble activities which can lead us towards such recognition is through Organ Donation.


Vijay Raja sir has always believed that since there is no way we can take our critical organs to the afterlife, the best possible way is to donate them and help them bring smiles to someone who is in real need. 


Be a hero and pass it on. Campaigns towards organ donation by Vijay Raja sir and his colleagues continue to receive excellent response with many people coming forward and pledging their organs.

Organ Donation


Feeling Thy presence
Feeling Thy grace
Feeling Thy radiance
You are my source of faith and strength
You are my path and destination
And i am always connected to You
Nothing of me and everything of You
Lead me higher...
Lead me deeper...
Lead me beyond...
Lead me to You.

Like ‘Happy Birthday’ is a universal song, we now have a universal prayer… infiniprayer.

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Growth 2022

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Now you know what it means. What my family should know template is in the link below. 

Growth 2022

Life is a See-Saw

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Three people who have had amazing success in their careers and are sharing their journey with YOU. 

Listen in for the trivia’s, the snippets, the philosophy, their spiritual connect with golden Kannada melodies. 

Breakthrough Experience
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